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3 May 2019

Our babies loved exploring different textures with shaving foam, they also got to experience reflections and shape and size through this activity. 
We had lots of fun getting very messy ❤️❤️

10 April 2019

Good, Better, Best. Never let it rest.
Until your good is better and your better is best! ❤️

Working towards #JustQuality 

5 April 2019

Today we went swimming for the first time with our preschool children. It was an amazing experience for staff and children 🤩
We will be going every couple of weeks😊
Swimming keeps your child's heart and lungs healthy, improves strength and flexibility, increases stamina and even improves balance and posture.

We are now tired and ready to bed 🛌 🏊🏻 🤣

29 June 2018

 The children love our walk-in sand tray, they love taking their shoes off and having the feeling of sand between their toes. 
We decided to decorate the sandcastles with seashells the children described it as “ it’s just like being at the beach”. 🐚 🏝🌞

20 June 2018

We took a trip to the library to return some books and get some new ones. 
The children loved searching through the books and choosing their favourites to bring back to Nursery. 📚🤩
After all that walking we took a break at Costa for a babychino which the children found delicious. 😍

20 June 2018

We went to water all the vegetables and fruit at the allotment today, but it was much more fun getting one another wet with the hose. 💧🍓🌱❤️
We all enjoyed eating the strawberries we had picked for snack. 
And Rufus our resident snail particularly liked the Lettuce 🐌

5 June 2018

🐻Bouncy bears🐻
The children were ready for some snack so we took them to get some fruit off the market. We then popped to the shop to buy some milk as well.
The children loved picking their own fruit and giving the money to pay for it 🍎🍌🍐🍊

24 May 2018

The children love taking care of our vegtables, we've got some peas and potatoes currently growing in our garden. 
We love going outside everyday to water them. ♥️
We can't wait until they grow so that we can eat them. 

17 May 2018

The children have shown an interest in eyes so what better way to follow on from their interests than to take a trip to Specsavers 
We got to look around the shop at all the machines, try on princess and avengers glasses. 
And we even got to take a balloon and some funny glasses home. 


11 May 2018

A water fight and ice pop to cool down in this beautiful weather. 🌞

10 May 2018

We explored colours and numbers 🌈
The children worked together as a team to fill up the jugs with pipettes. 
Teamwork requires children to work cooperatively with others towards a purpose that they share. Communication, social, and emotional skills are all strengthened when children learn to work as a team. 
We counted as we filled up the jugs and looked at the different numbers we could see on the jugs. ❤️❤️💧
We spent a long period of time at this activity and watching the children’s high levels of concentration and engagement was amazing. 

8 May 2018

The children have loved watching our Daffodils grow and blossom. ♥️
We've been watering them and keeping an extra close eye to see when the flowers bloom. We then decided we would paint some pictures of our beautiful flowers. 🌼

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