Hello, my name is Jane and I work at the Raymond street setting in the two year old Bouncy bears rooms. I am an original, so to say, having been at the setting since it's opening over three years ago. I suppose you could refer to me as an 'oldie' in both time served and age (I am the oldest member of the team). I feel young in mind and young at heart, however my knees protest and I may hobble and hop by the end of a long day; this gaining me the affectionate title of 'bunny jane'. I love working with children and have done so for over 20 years with ages 0 - 14 years. I have run my own parent and toddler group and worked in crèches, play groups, holiday clubs, family groups and nurseries. I am mum to three grown sons and have two grand daughters. I have been married for 35 years. My passions are listening to music and reading. I love to read stories to the children and seeing their little faces and the expressions on them. 

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