Hi! My name is Melissa, and I am a new member of the Traquinas family!
I am a level 4 Early years Practitioner, and work at Old Croxton Road. 
Traquinas is a unique nursery, with fun and caring members of staff, excellent facilities and some very special children. I have always had a passion for supporting and working with children, stemming from my work as a swimming teacher. I love to see the children build their own interests and opinions, and grow as individuals Traquinas allows children to express themselves in every way, from messy play, to quiet circle time, to outdoor exploration 

You can often see me out in nature keeping active, taking part in lots of mountain climbing and bike rides; although I absolutely love a family night in, getting cosy and watching movies. 

I am loving being part of the Traquinas family and can only wait to make more amazing memories and experiences 

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